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energybank Attends Prestigious ‘Academy Awards of the Energy Industry’ Event

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MANITOWOC, Wis., Dec. 15, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — The 18th annual Platts Global Energy Awards honored top performers who have demonstrated innovation, leadership and superior performance in the energy sphere, both traditional and renewable. With more than 170 nominees representing 30 countries from across the entire energy complex, energybank was selected as a finalist in the Breakthrough Solution of the Year category.

The Breakthrough Solution of the Year award recognizes potentially game-changing technology and was awarded to DuPont Industrial Biosciences / Archer Daniels Midland Company. “It’s damn near as good as winning for energybank to be a finalist considered among the ranks of companies like DuPont,” remarked energybank Founder and CEO Neal Verfuerth who attended the awards event. “This event was attended by some of the largest companies in the world in the energy space,” continued Verfuerth. “It was an honor to be among the Who’s Who in the energy industry and a privilege to share a category with Dupont/Archer Daniels Midland. This is validation at the highest level for energybank technology.”

Winners were selected by an independent panel of judges comprised of former national regulators, legislators, heads of major energy companies and leading analysts. energybank was named a finalist for its modern form factor, advanced thermal management, and glare-free optical control approach to exterior and interior LED lighting, which is designed and built in the USA.

Founder Neal Verfuerth and his team have developed and perfected certain core competencies that provide next generation energybank products with a competitive advantage as it relates to cost per footcandle delivered and ease of installation. The energybank product portfolio – recognized with numerous awards for engineering excellence –  redefines the look, feel and function of spaces by providing high-performance light with superior color rendering accuracy that illuminates the entire zonal cavity while significantly reducing the amount of energy consumed. This comprehensive portfolio of products is capable of reducing energy spend for customers up to 85%, while in many cases more than doubling light output. The result is a compelling value proposition for customers, all of whom are looking to reduce operating costs while enhancing safety, productivity, merchandising and aesthetics in addition to minimizing environmental impact.

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