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Invention & Integration

energybank is an industry leader – creating new solid-state lighting, control, IoT integration, and solar-powered technologies.

energybank was founded by one of the nation’s top 500 inventors, Neal R. Verfuerth, who is listed as the inventor on numerous US patents and citations in the areas of lighting, controls, and daylighting. Neal’s technology is currently in use at more than 10,000+ facilities worldwide, included one-third of the Fortune 500.

With our purpose-driven product strategy, we created a superior LED platform that is designed for maximum visual comfort, easy installation, zero maintenance, and heightened aesthetics.

We look forward to the opportunity to earn your business.

Results You Can Take to the Bank!



energybank designs prioritize the optimization of lighting systems that deliver maximum foot-candles without compromising performance or longevity.

Our diverse product line is designed and built in the USA featuring industry-leading components, patent-pending thermal management technology, transient voltage protection, and prosperity optical designs.

Simply a better LED lighting system than anything else on the market. Recognized by some of the world’s best organizations for our innovative designs.

In-House Manufacturing


Quality Control

Small Batch Control

energybank, valuing the benefits of quality control, small batch control, flexibility and nimbleness, invested in advanced, high-tech Trumpf manufacturing equipment to get the job done right in lieu of outsourcing production.

Quickly Bring New Products to Market

Rapid prototype development combined with real world testing

energybank is continually researching and developing advanced methods for increasing quality illumination while reducing energy input and managing heat output to achieve new standards in component longevity.