Why should we consider doing business with energybank?

energybank is a young company with an old soul. An attribute in your favor.

energybank founder Neal Verfuerth brings 35+ years of industry experience including product innovation (98 patent applications / 74 issued), US-based advanced manufacturing, and implementation (10,000+ facilities) without the baggage of legacy thinking and its influence on design and manufacturing methodology.

Combined with his team of skilled industry veterans, energybank is revolutionizing the LED lighting market.

What existing fixture does an OmegaLight high bay replace?

Award-winning OmegaLight replaces 6-lamp T8 / 4-lamp T5 / 400W HID providing superior quality illumination allowing you to maximize facility operation while minimizing total cost of ownership.

How long do LEDs last?

The operating life of solid state lighting is dependent upon thermal management and transient voltage protection. energybank has engineered its technology to maximize both thermal management and transient voltage protection delivering fixtures with an operating life of 100,000+ hours. A lot can be accomplished in 100,000 hours.

Why is transient voltage protection important?

Built in transient voltage protection absorbs surges and prevents excessive energy spikes from damaging components to ensure component (ergo fixture) longevity.

What do I need to install my I-frame fixture?

I-frame fixtures are easy to order and install with included hardwire and hanging cables.

Is there a warranty?

Yes. energybank stands behind its technology with a 5-Year hassle-free warranty. Unlike some manufacturers, there are no caveats buried in the footnotes. We want you to be satisfied with our products.

What is visual comfort probability?

Visual comfort probability (VCP) refers to the quality of light delivered to the work surface. The quality of light perceived in the zonal cavity.  Studies have shown that lighting affects the physiology of people. When visual acuity is compromised, it may contribute to migraines and other adverse conditions.

The lighting technology of energybank is engineered to be glare-free for superior visual comfort. energybank technology delivers optimum Kelvin temperature and color rendering accuracy with proprietary optics to control/focus the light energy produced to deliver light uniformly to the work surface for superior visual comfort.

What is the difference between lumens and footcandles?

When it comes to fixture performance, footcandles delivered are more important than lumens produced. Knowing the difference makes all the difference. Footcandles delivered describes the amount of working light perceived at the work surface (light where it is needed). Lumens produced describes the visible light emitted at the source (glare).

As a matter of fact, the amount of lumens produced at a source does not directly correspond with the amount of footcandles delivered.

The innovative designs of energybank will always prioritize the optimization of the light engine as a system that delivers maximum footcandles without compromising performance or longevity.

Footcandles vs. Lumens, more info here

How does energybank keep insects, dust, and debris out of fixtures and off of lenses?

Strategically located Thermal Vias enhance the convective airflow across both the drivers and the printed circuit boards by allowing cooler air in and venting warmer air out. These tiny openings located on the sides (not the top) of the fixtures are pin-sized holes to prevent entry by insects, dust, and debris.


Why is thermal management important?

The First Law of Thermodynamics (Conservation) states that energy is always conserved, it cannot be created nor destroyed.

Attention to thermal management prevents excessive heat from damaging components to ensure component longevity.

energybank technology is engineered to maximize conductive and convective air flow and radiant heat transfer for optimal diffusivity to keep components cool.

What are the benefits of sleek, simple, and clean design?

In addition to the I-frame’s unique, modern look, its sleek design means safer handling with fewer screws and sharp metal protrusions.

It is designed for simple access to drivers, the electrical channel and access to the lenses.

The I-frame was engineered with patented Thermal Vias for thermal management. These openings are tiny, about the size of a screen, which prevents entry by insects, dust, and debris. Large louvers in brand X fixture designs are gateways for bugs and debris to the lens.

The I-frame runs cool. It is designed with black commercial grade aluminum for a reason … it moves the heat.

Customers who see our fixture hanging and illuminated prefer it.

What book featured the innovative accomplishments of Neal Verfuerth?

Conquering Innovation Fatigue’ by Jeff Lindsay, Cheryl Perkins and Mukund Karanjikar


“Neal Verfuerth is a true leader of innovation who combines the best of environmental stewardship and capitalism to achieve solutions once thought impossible. Can a building be made brighter while using half the electricity? Can significant electrical power be added to a grid during times of peak demand without building new power plants? Can environmental advances be made in ways that also help businesses and utilities? Can improved technology replace antiquated lighting systems without creating any waste? In Neal’s world, the answers are all “yes!” Neal’s experiences highlight many wise behaviors for an innovator wishing to overcome innovation fatigue at all levels.”

Verfuerth said, “If an alleged energy-savings approach solution makes a facility darker and less productive, people won’t stay with it. People want more for less. That’s our heritage. That’s how we innovate.”