Harnessing science and technology to provide a cost-effective, safe and productive environment.

Genius IoT® (Internet of Things) will allow customers to synchronize their production processes machine to machine and take control of their energy cost allocation via secure communication. Energy is one of the top spends for most commercial/industrial operations, yet most managers have no data for the energy content in a manufactured widget. Genius IoT changes everything.
Welcome to Industry 5.0, the fifth industrial revolution.

A Huge Advantage

When compared to the 2.4 GHz Bluetooth® device, the Genius IoT® 915 MHz will easily out perform the 2.4 GHz Bluetooth® Wifi in real world applications with longer range, unmatched penetration and through building structural obstructions. The Genius IoT® controller can communicate up to 2.5x per second and performs continuous self diagnostics sending out a heartbeat at 2 minute intervals. In the event of a communication failure the controller has Fail-To-On capabilities.

Genius IoT® Devices

Genius IoT® Wireless controls can be retrofitted to any LED fixture with 0-10V dimming and 12-24V auxiliary power. Once energized, the devices will automatically discover and connect with other Genius IoT®-enabled devices for a dynamic motion control system creating Digital Ceiling Canopy.

Wireless Dimming Controller

Wireless control the light level of the office from any place where controller is placed. 

External Zonal Activity Sensor

Motion sensors placed within a pre-determined area to record movement.

Individual Office Activity Sensor

Instantly detects motion within an office to turn on lights. Turns off lights when motion is not detected.

Vibration, Temperature and Humidity Sensor

Vibration, temperature and humidity monitoring provides critical data to ensure the prevention of machine failure and conditions within area.

Exterior Lighting Control Photo Cell

Automatically adjusts the exterior lighting fixtures based on the time of day and amount of light. 

IoT Capabilities

  • Demand Response

  • Multi Setpoint Zonal Motion Control

  • Zone Override

  • Master Building Switch

  • Protocols to include 915 MHz, Bluetooth® and Wi-Fi