Video Testimonials

Higher Level Function

The ability of all our employees to function at a higher level with the brighter lights has been noticed by all. Since the new lights were installed, our ability to accurately produce and recreate true color has greatly increased.

Ease of Installation

LED Done Right by energybank blew away the competition by delivering 52 footcandles – allowing a significant number of fixtures to be eliminated. The ease of installation has put the project 3 weeks ahead of schedule.

Safety Improvement

The new LED lights made a huge improvement in this aisle area. The dies are easily visible now and safety is improved. Before, flashlights were needed and there were trip hazards.

200% Improvement

Started our upgrade to LED in the darkest area of the plant. It has made a night and day difference. It’s a 200% improvement over what we had before.

Rolling Retrofit

We had a rolling retrofit to install the new LED lights with no shutdown. We continued working during the installation. We are seeing 70% energy savings and upper management is extremely pleased with the results.

Enhanced Productivity

The new LED lights are a huge improvement in the Machine Shop. The LED is a smoother, more even light. It’s easier to read the markings on the dies and easier to hook chains. The best part is the improved attitudes. People come in happier and it’s safer. Now we can see everything on the floor.

See my Patients Better

As a dermatologist and Mohs surgeon by training, the quality of light is very important. energybank LED is almost more natural than the sun. I can actually see my patients better.

Easier to Work

With the new energybank LED lights, it is less strain on our eyes and easier to work in the environment for 8+ hours.

Major Impact

The new LED lighting has made a major impact. It has enhanced the beauty of the vehicles, both inside and out, so customers can see them better.

Changed the Look

The new LED lights have helped immensely. Technicians no longer need supplemental lights inspect wheel wells, engine bay and under the hood. There is clarity to distinguish colors. It has completely changed the look of the service bay.

Spectacular Pop

It is unbelievable what a difference it has made. It has given us clarity and definition. Relighting the showroom has enhanced the beauty of the vehicles and given the cars a spectacular pop. It brings out all their colors, lines and beauty.

An Awesome LED

This product is great. An awesome LED. It’s easy to hang. On a scale of 1-10, 10 being the easiest, this is a 10! It’s definitely better than any product I’ve ever used out there. I love the features.

Fantastic Results!

Paul Orth, owner of 10th Street Quick Lube & Repair explains how impressed and pleased he is with his upgrade to LED Done Right. “You can see things a lot clearer, a lot better during inspection of the engine compartment.”