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Parker Hannifin Receives Sustainability Award

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Parker Hannifin Parflex Division, located in Manitowoc, Wisconsin was recently presented the Energy Bank Sustainability Award for demonstrating continued leadership in sustainable business practices.  While evaluating the savings opportunity for the conversion of fluorescent lighting to LED lighting in their facility, Parker Hannifin, after careful consideration of multiple vendors, selected energybank’s Genius IoT system which combines LED lighting and controls.  This new system allows Parker Hannifin the ability to adjust light levels on the new LED fixtures from standby up to max for high detail work or to dim if low light levels are required.  This system also allows the ability to automatically minimize light levels until work zones are occupied throughout the facility. The successful initiative was undertaken to significantly reduce energy consumption while increasing efficiency and sustainability. 

Parker Hannifin Will Save 9.8 million Kilowatt Hours

The total energy saving is expected to be 807 Kilowatts, which is the equivalent of providing power for 876 homes. Parker Hannifin will save almost 650,230 kWh per year or 9.8 million kWh saved over the sustainable life of the Energybank Inc system.

The project was sold and managed by Sales Representative Beau Wilson of Energybank Inc using products supplied by Energybank Inc of Manitowoc, Wisconsin. Eric Walsdorf, Parker Hannifin’s Manufacturing Technician at the Parflex Division facility in Manitowoc, took the lead on the LED lighting initiative.

“By choosing Energybank, the cost was kept down by reusing the existing fixture housing and what I like about it is that you have motion sensors on each fixture. By decreasing the minimum voltage, you increase the life of the fixture which means you don’t have to worry about turning them off and the lights dim when there is no activity in the area. Plus, I just love the brightness along with the look and feel of the lights” stated Eric Walsdorf.

The environmental impact of Parker Hannifin’s energy-efficient lighting project will decrease air pollution and environmental damage over the lifetime of Energybank’s Genius IoT® technology, by 7,656 tons of carbon dioxide, 4.98 tons of sulfur dioxide, 4.83 tons of nitrous oxides and 295 lbs of Mercury. This is the equivalent of saving 782,962 gallons of gas, removing 1,499 cars from the road, or saving 16,110 barrels of oil.

Contact: Cameron Hoerth, Marketing & Communications   


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