Case Studies

In the words of satisfied customers ...

"The culture of the dealership has been influenced by what we have done here with the new lights."
Managing Director
"What a difference. Hardly no shadow at all. We can see things a lot easier, a lot better during inspection of the engine compartment. The results have been fantastic."
"As a dermatologist and Mohs surgeon by training, quality of light is very important. energybank LED is almost more natural than the sun. I can actually see my patients better."
Mohs Surgeon
"I appreciate the good quality and maintenance-free aspects of these fixtures. They have increased our light levels making parts and colors more identifiable."
General Manager
“It is great working with Energy Bank, it has been a very good experience. They have helped me every step of the way from cost justification and payback to helping out with focus on energy. They came in, setup their lighting in a test area to be sure that it met our needs. We have now completed an area of our building and have reduced the number of fixtures with the LED’s, and gaining much better lighting. Their product pricing compared to their competitors comparable product was also outstanding. We plan to install Energy Bank light in the rest of our building this year.”
Maintenance Supervisor
"energybank blew the competition away. Consistent, even, non-glare lighting with the best coverage. Exceeded foot-candle target, allowing us to reduce the number of fixtures needed. Easy and quick installation puts us 3 weeks ahead of schedule. The lights look amazing!”
Project Manager
"Since the new lights were installed, our ability to accurately produce and recreate true color has greatly increased. The ability of all our employees to function at a higher level with the brighter lights has been noticed by all."
Plant Manager
"The new LED lights are a huge improvement in the Machine Shop. The LED is a smoother, more even light. It's easier to read the markings on the dies and easier to hook chains. The best part is the improved attitudes. People come in happier and it's safer. Now we can see everything on the floor."
Plant Manager
This product is great. An awesome LED. It's easy to hang. On a scale of 1-10, 10 being the easiest, this is a 10! It's definitely better than any product I've ever used out there. I love the features.
"With the new energybank LED lights, it is less strain on our eyes and easier to work in the environment for 8+ hours."
Billing Department